Blaukaiser is a leading manufacturer of innovative industrial cleaning chemicals.

Over the last 35 years, Blaukaiser Teams have worked hard to establish its reputation of being an innovative company which works closely with its customers to resolve problems faced in the cleaning industry. By a committed programme of development with some of the major transport providers in the world, we have developed a range of products which are cost effective, environmentally responsible, and provide superior results to many in the marketplace.

Blaukaiser can boast a comprehensive range of industrial chemicals which actually add value as well as unrivalled cleaning performance.

Balukaiser can also offer the latest cldeaning equipment.

RAILWAY pro solutions

Railway Pro Solutions designed by Blaukaiser Scientists


Train cleaning


Bogie wash

Bogie wash


Anti-graffiti protection & remover



Train cleaning

Station care

Biodegradable degreasers

Station care


Maintenance, repair, and operations

Bogie wash


  • Acrylic Paints
  • Underground Metro Line Maintainance
  • Degreasers and surface preparation befora painting and bonding
  • Winter Products
  • Train Electro Maintenance and water repellent products
  • Rail Cleaning Services

Easy & safe - Low cost
Decreased maintenance - Long life

For more information about our Railway Solutions, please contact:
Blaukaiser European Rail Maintenance Team


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Blaukaiser Aircraft Industry Department

We introduce to you our current range of Blaukaiser Bio Organic Cleaners.

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During the course of every flight, an aircraft accumulates dust and grime on its external surface.