Oil & Gas Refining

Blaukaiser understands that our customers in the Petrochemicals & Refinemet industry face unique challenges to maintain production, while also meeting stringent government mandates for environmental protection.

BLAUKAISER offers a number of products to degrease and clean pipeline, oil tanks, remove rust and scale, and treat wastewater.

OIL & GAS REFINING solutions

Oil & Gas Refining Solutions designed by Blaukaiser Scientists


Ecological Paints

Solvent Free


Coatings & Corrosion free


Tank Cleaning

Oil & Fuel residues

Tank Cleaning

Water & Waste

Process water treatment

Water & Waste

Pipeline Efficiency

Removal of sediments

Pipeline Efficiency


Maintenance, repair, and operations

Bogie wash

OTHER OIL & gas refining SOLUTIONS

  • Biodegradable cleaning degreasers
  • New full range of anticorrosive products

Easy & safe - Low cost
Decreased maintenance - Long life

For more information about our Oil & Gas Refining Solutions, please contact:
Blaukaiser European Oil & Gas Refining Maintenance Team


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