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Globally represented by a network of partners we currently operate more than 1800 references. We invest in quality and innovation. Ongoing research allows us to maintain a leadership position.


Blaukaiser Products and Services


We invest in training our customers in order to ensure effectiveness in the application of products, but we have a team of technicians for implementing our solutions on site.



The conservation of nature and care for the environment have always been our top priority. Our policy on environmental responsibility brings us to the research of new ways to reduce the impact of products.


The security of a regular controlled production guarantees a reliability and effectiveness above average.

Latest News

05NOV 2018

Blaukaiser Aircraft Cleaning Solutions

There are potentially dangerous stowaways on every flight you will ever take.

19JUL 2016

Gardens in the sky: The rise of green urban architecture

With its balconies bursting with trees and shrubs, the Bosco Verticale or Vertical Forest is giving rise to an entirely new take on the traditional idea of the urban jungle.