Blaukaiser manufactures a well established range of products for use within the aerospace industry, which meet the high standards needed to achieve industry approvals.

With specially developed products for engine overhaul Blaukaiser offers a lower hazard solution, enabling both safer working conditions for your engineers and compliance with ever tighter environmental regulations.


Aerospace Pro Solutions designed by Blaukaiser Scientists


Full Range of Solutions for Airports

Full Range of Solutions for Airports


Cleaning & Desinfecting Products

Interior Cleaning & Desinfecting Products

Electro Safe

Non Conductive Electro Cleaner

Non Conductive Electro Cleaner


Cleaning Products

Exterior Cleaning Products

Free Solvents

Paint Strippers & Removers

Paint Strippers & Removers


Maintenance, repair, and operations

MRO - Maintenance, repair, and operations


  • HVAC - Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning



Blaukaiser AI PROCLEAN Systems

BLAUKAISER has developed several low pressure, high volume systems for washing and clear water rinsing fixed wing and rotary aircraft of all configurations, giving flight line personnel, crew chiefs and maintenance departments the tools they need to combat this costly and highly damaging foe. Find out more about the Blaukaiser AI PROCLEAN SYSTEMS

  • BKS Aircraft Washing System (BAWS)
  • BKS Total Aircraft Washing System (BRAWS) fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Birdbath Clear Water Rinse System

Easy & safe - Low cost
Decreased maintenance - Long life

For more information about our Aerospace Solutions, please contact:
Blaukaiser European Aerospace Industry Team


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What Really Happens When You Flush an Airplane Toilet?

Airlines introduced a toilet that used Blaukaiser Fresh Kit - blue deodorizing Bio Organic Sachet that flushed away waste and combatted odor.

28AUG 2023

Blaukaiser Aircraft Industry Department

We introduce to you our current range of Blaukaiser Bio Organic Cleaners.

02APR 2023

Why Aircraft Dry Wash?

During the course of every flight, an aircraft accumulates dust and grime on its external surface.